"When Simon Kidston and his team focus on a project, it is done with style and authority. Now they have produced their first proper book, and set a new standard for a model history. This magnificent 450-page Lamborghini Miura effort has been a long wait, a chase for perfection that has involved several writers and researchers with Kidston driving the changing crew to produce the ultimate tome on his favourite car. The superb result has been worth it."

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"Out of courtesy I would like to let you know that I received my copy of the Miura book today. Whilst my expectations were already high, I can say that the reality exceeded them. My complements to you and your colleagues on producing such a wonderful book."


"Many thanks for my copy of the Miura Book which arrived safely today. The book has most certainly lived up to expectations, beautifully produced and a worthy and definitive record of Miura history. Superb!!!"


"Just to let you know the Miura book arrived yesterday afternoon. Such is its quality I'm (unusually) lost for words. What a simply fantastic book, so well done to one and all involved in it."


"I just received my copy of 'Miura', very well packaged, in top condition. I'm short of words, the book and it's presentation are stunning. It will take some time to digest, but this one will make Palawan Press jealous. Many thanks for an epic work."


"Dear Emanuele, I got back from holiday yesterday and found the book having arrived already. What shall I say? You did a great job with never before seen pictures refreshing articles and many interesting details. To put it all together: the most comprehensive book on Miura in a very attractive layout."


"Buongiorno. Ho ricevuto il bellissimo libro The Lamborghini Miura. Grazie."


"LOVED THE VIDEO AND THE BOOK IS FANTASTIC. I particularly love your personal car."


"The book is a work of art in itself. Great look, layout, and production. Well done!!"


"Thank you…the Miura book has arrived and the amount of historical content really is mind blowing!"


"Two days ago the Miura book arrived. No three seconds passed before I started to unbox it. When the book became visible my face turned into one big smile according to my wife Sylvia.(She ordered it!) Since then I use every free moment to carefully read it. The book is all I hoped for and even so very much more. I've got all the Miura books but your book stands far apart, it is a class of its own. No aspect has been overseen to make it as complete and detailed as you can possibly imagine. I sincerely want to thank both of you and all the people that were involved in this achievement. Fantastic!"


"Hello Emanuele, I just wanted to say a personal thank you for the great miura book which arrived this week. It´s a fabulous piece of artwork, very well done and i really like it a lot. Congratulations to such a wonderful book."


"Buongiorno, volevo dirle che ieri ho ricevuto il libro. Complimenti davvero a chi ci ha lavorato perchè è meraviglioso. In più sono stato fortunato a ricevere la confezione gialla. Grazie per quello che avete realizzato, è un capolavoro."


"I received the Miura Book yesterday and I must say, it is sublime. Congratulations to you on the success of this wonderful tome which is obviously the product of countless hours of research and toil."


"Simon, Loved the book! Brilliant! Well done! Definitely worth the wait. Many congratulations."


"Ho ricevuto il libro nel weekend, penso che l'attesa sia stata più che meritata...bellissimo, coinvolgente e più che esaustivo. Una vera enciclopedia sulla Miura!"


"Hi Emanuele, Further to our previous correspondence, just a quick note to say I’ve just received my copy of The Miura Book. On first impressions - ‘WOW’ (or should that be ‘COUNTACH’?). I very much look forward to reading it over the coming days.Please thank everyone involved on my behalf."


"Merci pour votre réponse. Le père noël UPS a livré ce jour (sans prévenir) son précieux chargement ce jour. Je suis comblé, ce livre a l'air incroyablement complet"


"We received our wonderful Miura book. It looks amazing. I can’t wait to read it cover to cover."


"Well, it’s certainly arrived well – and what a book it is! Congratulations to you Simon and all your team…you’ve created a real tour de force that is certainly the definitive book on the subject, and richly deserving all the plaudits to come. Apart from the contents, which I’ve only skimmed at this point and which look sumptuous, I love the sheer quality of the book as an object – the paper, the typography, the printing, the beautiful slipcase, everything. I look forward to many happy hours, browsing contentedly!"


"My Muira book just arrived. A momentous work!! So beautiful, so compressive, so passionate. So fantastic. Thank you, thank you!"


"Jules showed me a copy of the Miura book last weekend whilst we were out playing at being racing drivers. Whilst it always sticks in ones throat to pat fellow trade on the back, in this case I have no choice. It is a truly outstanding publication. The depth of research, the breadth of content, the spirit in which it was written and the design takes the genre to a whole new level. You and the rest of the team should be incredibly proud of yourselves."


"Both books (#50 and #77) have arrived safely, but neither Paul (#50) nor I have had the time to properly look into it. On first sight, we are, however, impressed by the volume and after flipping through it are happy to have received it and of course are looking forward to reading it in depth. It was well worth the wait. Thank you for going through this challenge. Well done."


"Just wanted to say congratulations on the magnificent Miura book that has arrived with me today. Just flicked through it and wow what a piece of work, can’t wait to spend some time reading it. There is so much information there, no wonder it took so long to complete. Thanks so much, it must have been a labour of love for you and it will be a treasured piece for me."


"Steve, the book arrived Friday and I'm still in shock. Seriously I did not expect a book of its dimensions and as for the photographs used, well incredible. Only one problem - it may take me weeks to read it! I may have read the book by the time the registry arrives."


"I just received the book! Amazing. What a treasure. I am looking forward to spending hours looking through it. Thank you for getting the matching numbers for the cars to me. I can’t wait to present this to my dad."


"I’ve received the book at the weekend and had first look inside. I just can say: WOW!!! Congratulation for this epic book! Many thanks, I’ll spend many hours with it."


“The book finally arrived yesterday and I have already thumbed through the first pages including the story of my Miura. There is such a wealth of information that it will take time to get through and I can see why it has taken you so long to achieve this monumental undertaking.”


"Nous avons acheté avec deux exemplaires du livre sur les Miura et nous voulions te féliciter pour ce travail"


"Dear Emanuele, Just received my Miura book and wanted to congratulate you and Simon and the rest of your team for producing such a magnificent tome. The quality of the paper stock, the reproduction of the photos, both original period shots, many previously unseen as well as those superb contemporary triptych fold outs combined with the incredibly diverse content ranging from technical detail to scale models and everything in between concerning this, the first real “supercar”, has to make it surely one of the best car books on one of the best cars. Well done! After I have thumbed through every page it will reside on my library shelf next to that equally quirky tome on Bob Wallace by Maria Christina Guizzardi! Looking forward to the register which will make the perfect companion" -


"Just before the weekend, I received a rather large parcel which turned out to be the long awaited Miura book. I can’t pretend that I read the book from cover to cover yet. But the book is just sensational, beautifully made and very informative. The book not only describes the car and all the facts but much more importantly, conveys a feel about this car and the period when it was made. I always liked the Miuras but probably would have preferred a Daytona over the Miura. After this book, I am not so sure anymore… Thank you and your team for this tremendous effort and for creating a milestone in automotive literature."


"Ho ricevuto da qualche giorno The Lamborghini Miura Book e mi sto godendo ogni pagina. È un'opera eccellente. Grazie per averla pensata e realizzata."


"I commend you…the book is absolutely stunning… Great job! I love it and I am certain my friends will too!" -


"I continue to enjoy the Miura book immensely! It's wonderfully written and an absolute treasure, informatively and visually transporting the reader back to that amazing period in time. Incredible stuff!"


"The volume 1 is the epitome of what any book about cars should be. Technically accurate, well written, full of stories about the people who contributed to build that milestone in the car History, a fascinating book. And the page layout is superb. I learned a lot about the car but also about the guys who made it happened. I opened the book late at night and was unable to close it before 2:00 AM… It’s simply like reading a very good book. Can’t wait for the Register."


"I want to congratulate you and the Kidston team on this amazing book. The entire execution of the stories, the details, the layout, the coloring, the graphics has been nothing short of extraordinary. Fantastic job !"


"It took me quite a while to study your book „Miura“ but it proved to be a good idea to prepare mentally for this adventure (risky, because at the end you might be tempted to acquire such a vehicle yourself…). Congratulations, this truly is a masterpiece, a work of love, a monument! It is not only interesting to read, it is beautifully designed and the madness of you guys is blinking through every sentence, now you cannot hide any more you must be crazy… So i hope you will one day publish another book of this kind!"


"I have been very very pleased with your excellent Miura book. A landmark in Lamborghini early history, an automotive "anthology". All the years of waiting were definitively worth it."


"Beautifully presented in a layout that is pleasing to read and easy to digest for the casual enthusiast, while the impeccable attention to detail regarding production timeline, colour and interior minutiae will satisfy the serious historian.
Many ownership stories as colourful as the cars themselves, the wonderful period images and factory photos a visual treasure trove to behold.
The global dealership spread is very interesting, each with their own fascinating backstories, while the Bertone ledger is an eye-opening goldmine of period information, clearly more experienced and polished than Lamborghini's approach to bookkeeping."